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The Origination of My Story

I woke up on 9/11 to the news that the World Trade Tower in New York City had been struck by an airplane. Like the rest of us, I was glued to a horror unfolding in real time. Unlike most of us, I had a personal connection to the WTT. My law firm had given annual seminars there every May, to clients in the NY/NJ metro area, which I attended as a panelist, speaker or just plain meet-and-greeter. Some of those clients were mine, and they were located in the building. Plus, I'm NYC born, so seeing this catastrophe shook me.

I don't recall the reason now, but after watching the Tower collapse I felt the need to go to work. I must've had a legal brief of some kind due in court the following day. As I drove downtown I listened to the radio news so that I wouldn't miss any developments. My drive took me past Echo Park when I stopped at a red light. Directly ahead of me were the skyscrapers of downtown, including the building my office was in. At that moment an announcement came on the radio from our police chief: "Anyone who works downtown is asked not to go to work today. We can't be sure whether other attacks are on the way."

I shook my head, turned around and began to drive home. As I did, this thought raced through my mind: "this world really needs a planetary turnaround specialist."

With that the thought left, as so many of my random thoughts do. But this one returned roughly thirteen years later. I was looking ahead toward retirement, wondering what I would do instead of lawyering. The idea of writing came to mind since I am very used to it - litigation is a writing intensive profession - and I enjoy writing and editing my work. With that idea came that thought from 9/11, along with a rudimentary plot, characters and the idea that the planetary turnaround specialist would be Earth's new God. All I had to do was learn the craft and get to work. Which is what I'd done. I hope my readers enjoy the story!

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