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Interview with Brendali Santamaria

In anticipation of my webpage going on line, I took the opportunity to chat with the female protagonist of my novel, Brendali Santamaria. The male protagonist, Ram Forrester, has promised me he'll sit for an interview soon as well. Here's Brendali's interview, lightly edited for clarity and brevity:

Q: Well, Brendali, we're about two weeks away from revealing the front cover of First Second Coming to the public. Are you excited?

A. Oh, mi Dios. Of course! My picture's on the cover, no?

Q. I'm sworn to secrecy by my publisher, so I can't answer that today. But I'm sure I'll hear your opinion once the cover's unveiled. You don't keeps your opinions to yourself. I vividly remember how you used to correct my story all the time when I was writing it.

A. I had to. Your plot outline often didn't tell the story the way I experienced it. I had to correct you because this is my story and Ram's, not yours. You're only the transcriber, but you're the nicest one a girl could hope for. Never would you get mad at me for interrupting your writing or the music you'd listen to while doing that. Remember that time I woke you up at 4:00 a.m. to tell you I'd been kidnapped? Even then you didn't get upset, although you certainly sounded worried.

Q: Of course I was worried. Skeleton Man and his group of fanatics had some plans for you that you . . . well, ask Ram, he'll tell you. I hope you know that the first time you spoke to me, it freaked me out a bit. I wasn't used to hearing some other person's voice coming from inside my head.

A. We're kind of intimate in that way, no? It's not everyone's head I can get into. [She laughs.] Seriously, this worked for us both. You got to write my story. I introduced you to Latin rock and pop music and you'd play it whenever you were writing or editing the chapters I narrated. You still listen to it, don't you?

Q. I do. To correct the record, I began to listen to Latin rock before I even knew you. But you did introduce me to the music of Gaby Moreno, who became one of my favorites. So tell me, now that the novel's done, are you looking forward to the next one?

A. Mi Dios! Ram and I are going to have to help God with his planetary turnaround plan now?

Q. Soon. I've already started to write the story. I'm looking forward to hearing from you inside my head again.

A. You can count on it. Excuse me, Ram has dinner ready. He's almost as good a cook as he a guitar player. I'll be right there, mi carino!

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